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Door Repair Department


AAA Refrigeration Door repair services has fully stocked vans dedicated to refrigerated cooler and door cases. We carry a variety of different size doors
and the necessary hardware required to repair all manufactures reach in doors. We also carry an assortment of reach in and walk in box door gaskets and box door hardware.

For more information or to request a quote please contact Kyle Steffen.

Kyle Steffen - (718) 324-2231 Email-

Reach in Doors

Replace reach in doors, door gaskets, door

hardware, door or frame heaters.

• Walk in Boxes
Replace door hinges, door latches, door strikes
and inside release buttons. Replace walk in box
doors with either a retro fit door or a plug door.
Door frame or door heaters, door sweeps.

• Lighting
Repair case lighting in open or door cases.
Retro fit existing lighting to LED lighting for
energy efficiency.

• Hot Foods Cases
Repair lighting and heaters

• Equipment Surveys

• Cosmetics
Replace case glass, facings, bumpers, trim,
kick plates and shelving.


Our services includes the following repairs, replacement, and retrofit work:


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