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Education for Our Associates

At AAA Refrigeration Service, Inc., education is one of our main priorities. We believe that it is the key to success. It is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our education committee developed a program that would:

• include more hands on education
• be structured to meet the needs of multiple levels of apprentices knowledge and skill sets
• provide classes that offer improved continuity and flow, allowing the information to be sequenced.


Class is held for our technicians twice a month as well as monthly educational seminars.


AAA Apprentice Education Week:

Day 1: Twenty-seven (27) AAA apprentices gathered today for an educational opportunity with Rusty Walker of Hill Phoenix.  

Day 2: Classes were for experienced techs to strengthen our team's knowledge in CO2, oil control settings, flex combiners and calculations.

Day 3: At a customer site with AAA Refrigeration’s Brooklyn Service Zone reviewing the system operations of one of Hill Phoenix’s early C02 Booster systems.  Education is not only for the new technology, its also for the existing as well. 

Day 4: CO2 cascade practical education at a customer site. Rusty wrapped up a week of learning for (14) AAA Technicians on an operating C02 Cascade system.


Another productive Saturday morning of learning with Rusty Walker and 48 AAA Technicians. 


AAA Refrigeration “Go’s Virtual with Education”:

On Saturday, February 6th from 8-9:15am, Rusty Walker of Hill Phoenix’s Learning Center conducted a virtual education class for 52 AAA techs on the subject of “Head Pressure Controls and Subcooling”. Continual education and adaption to the current environment is the key to success. The team is looking forward to the 2 additional classes scheduled for March and April.

virtual class2021.JPG

Electrical and safety education October 6-9th, 2020 Class:

AAA took advantage of an educational opportunity conducted by Rusty Walker of Hill Phoenix’s Learning Center. Over the course of four days, AAA technicians and apprentices participated in full day electrical classes covering both safety and its relationship to servicing commercial supermarket refrigeration.

training collage.JPG

As the popularity of the natural refrigerant Co2 expands, AAA is staying ahead of the curve through continuing education. 


Emerson Co2 Class:

Emerson brought a Co2 trainer to our New jersey office for a two day training on Co2 for over 25 AAA Technicians.  

nj co2 class.jpg
nj co2 class-2.jpg

Hill Phoenix Co2 Class:


Rusty Walker of Hill Phoenix taught 75 AAA Technicians over 3 days on Co2 Start-up and best service practices.

rooftop view.jpg

Danfoss System Management Certification

Fourteen AAA Techs Completed a 2 Day Certification Course

BJ's Danfoss 2 Day Educational Certification 

CO2 Certification Class

On August 18th, 2015 we certified 20 technicians on Hill Phoenix CO2 systems.





On June 2 2012, AAA Refrigeration’s apprentices and supervisors started the Simulator equipment- our "Mobile University".


Our Simulator helps our mechanics master the art of refrigeration and EMS controls. All the while, teamwork and leadership are necessary in making this education process beneficial.


Check out our article in "Contracting Business" magazine.


Monthly Seminars

Each month, our associates attend a sponsored educational seminar held by one of our partner vendors. 


Carrier HVAC Education- Continuing Education

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