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AAA Refrigeration Service, Inc. offers

Energy Services


LED Case Lighting Retrofits: LEDs provide significant Energy Savings, extend life, and reduce maintenance costs from Re-Lamps. Upgrade and improve the lighting in reach in door cases with LED technology.

Case Controller Upgrades and New Installs: Increase efficiencies on existing systems through the utilization of case controllers.


Anti-Condensate Heater Controls: Save energy and still keep reach in doors fog and frost free. Electronic anti-condensate heater controls dramatically reduces the energy consumed by the heaters and extend the life of the heaters.


Variable Frequency Drives: Reduce the energy consumed by HVAC fans by up to 50%. Benefits also include extending belt and motor life due to soft starts.


Energy Management Systems: Whether complete new installs, retrofits, or upgrades we can provide turn-key installation. Our teams are proficient in all current supermarket control systems which include but not limited to: Emerson, Danfoss, MicroThermo and RDM Controls.


Depending on the Utility Company, most of these upgrades / retrofits are eligible for rebates that can reduce the installation cost dramatically. We will provide full turn-key service from survey through rebate qualification and install.




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